Training & Development

Introducing the Training and Skills development institute

The training process consists of distributing and developing knowledge, skills and behaviours to meet the needs of job seekers. Training is a key stage of workforce development since it can provide trainees with core skills and knowledge they need to perform well in their jobs. The Human Resource Department at Labora has put together, for each candidate, a personalized program with relevant content  that helps the trainee develop his skills and provide him with  better job opportunities as well as perform well in his new job.

Thus, each candidate is subjected to a thorough training needs analysis to assess what skills and knowledge he currently possesses as well as the gaps in his existing knowledge and skill sets.

The insights gained from the training assessment help Labora specialist to design a personalized skills development program with relevant training courses to assist the candidate in finding the right job opportunity later on.

Training courses are offered monthly on the following subjects: Christian ethics, technology management, project and group management, marketing and sales, financial management, working languages, with the participation of specialized and experienced lecturers.

Types of training

 *Provide training to all candidates to jobs in public administrations, security forces, the Military Academy as well as students of the Lebanese University.

* Provide specialized training courses to all candidates to jobs in the private sector, according to their needs, in order to find them the right jobs in adequacy with both their specialization and the needs of the companies cooperating with Labora.

*Offer a vocational training program with the collaboration of governmental, educational and international institutions (computer repair, mobile repair, electrical repairs, auto mechanic, photoshop, handicraft, esthtetics, agriculture...)

*Personalised training tailored to the needs of partner companies and institutions.

*Training provided by The Labora Online School section.

Advance your skills with Trainings

Who we Are

Our vision is to secure a decent work, a sustainable and stable income to ensure the healthy diversification of the Lebanese Community and work to encourage Lebanese individuals to have an effective contribution in the nation building through public sector institutions.