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Private Sector

Labora offers candidates the chance to work in the private sector with the collaboration of hundreds of companies to meet their employment needs. Labora follows up with candidates during the key stages of the recruitment process and after getting the job.

Supporting documents every candidate looking for a job needs to submit:

-Complete the job application available online and upload the CV of the applicant.

- A copy of the I.D. Card or of the Extract of Individual Civil Registry Record to be presented by candidates when received at our offices. 

-A copy of the candidate’s diplomas or of the university ID card if the candidate has not yet graduated, to be presented when received at our offices.

-A passport size photo to be presented when received at our offices.


Supporting documents every company looking for an employee needs to submit:

-Complete the company identification form available online.

-Complete the vacancy application form available online.

The follow-up section

The follow-up section is in charge of carrying out a follow-up on the update of each applicant recruited through Labora.

Receiving candidates successfully recruited

The Labora strategy comprises the follow-up of the situation of candidates successfully recruited through Labora by listening to their problems. Labora organises celebratory periodic meetings to achieve its goals:

1-Labora’s first goal is celebratory, to bring everyone together to join in the celebration of the recruitment of the candidate.

2- Carrying-out the follow-up of successful candidates and the strengthening of brotherly ties between these candidates and Labora.

3-Activating the partnership between Labora and the successful candidates by introducing the candidates to the designated priorities of Labora and involving them in spreading the message of the association.

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Who we Are

Our vision is to secure a decent work, a sustainable and stable income to ensure the healthy diversification of the Lebanese Community and work to encourage Lebanese individuals to have an effective contribution in the nation building through public sector institutions.