Trainer Form

Characteristics of a trainer

The trainer or guide should be a Lebanese national, Christian, he or she must believe in the vision conveyed by Labora, in its mission, goals and values, he or she must be an expert and with enough experience in the subject area he or she wishes to teach. He or she must always be in contact with Labora when the need arises. Note that Labora needs guides and trainers in all specialties and at all levels. We are grateful to you on behalf of every Christian for your contribution to train candidates and help them find the right job, thus offering them a better future.   

Each training course requires 5 hours at least and at most 40 hours.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Labora offices, Training department:


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Who we Are

Our vision is to secure a decent work, a sustainable and stable income to ensure the healthy diversification of the Lebanese Community and work to encourage Lebanese individuals to have an effective contribution in the nation building through public sector institutions.