What your donation can achieve

Your donation will help Labora to broaden its programs and services, thus upgrading its capacity to receive a higher number of job applicants to train and guide in order to help them find jobs in the public and the private sectors. Labora provides all these services to all Christian job seekers without any charge and without exception or discrimination. The cost per each applicant recruited through Labora is approximately 500 US Dollars.

With your help and support, you contribute mainly to endeavour that Lebanon stays the country of diversity and social equilibrium which will in turn help all Lebanese put down roots in their homeland. Your cooperation with Labora will ensure that the Christian presence and role in the administration is reaffirmed and consolidated, thus reassuring Christian youth that they have a secure future in their own land, and motivating them to contribute even more energetically to the economic development of their country.


To donate:

1.   Make direct donations (cash donations & checks), we welcome direct donations at Labora main office only.

2.   Donations through Bank Transfers

Account Number  : 3102962603002 (USD)                        

IBAN Code            : LB38003900000003102962603002

Beneficiary            : LABORA

SWIFT Address     : BYBALBBX

Bank Name           : Byblos Bank SAL

Bank Address       : Antonine Fathers Bldg, Rahbani Bros str,

                                  Antelias, Lebanon, Tel : 961 4 417831

3.   Monthly/annual Pledge.

4.   Make online donations.


Each donor receives the following privileges:

1.   Receiving periodically the latest information on all vacancies in the public and private sectors as well as the latest news on Labora’s training and orientation programs.

2.   Receiving updated reports on Labora including statistics on all activities of both private and public sectors.

3.   Receiving an annual financial report.

4.   Being informed of all Labora financing activities.

5.   Having the name of the donor on the list of partners of Labora.

6.   Each donor receives invitations to attend the celebrations held by Labora for beneficiaries and applicants who passed exams.

7.   Visiting Labora offices any time.

8.   Receiving receipt and thank-you letter for the donation.


Labora Budget 2019

Expected revenues Amount L.L.
 Balance 2018  93.054.750
 Memberships  1.100.000
 Advertising and sponsorship  65.000.000
 Annual pledge  71.000.000
 Occasional donations  154.000.000
 Permanent annual donations  280.000.000
 Institutions and joint contracts  54.000.000
 Annual dinners  150.725.887
 Total  868.880.637


Expected expenses Amount L.L.
 Salaries, social security and indemnities  397.333.447
 Operating expenses and financial burdens  104.003.335
 Public relations and social occasions  76.601.000
 Training institute  180.507.805
 Publications, marketing and distribution  21.295.750
 Subscriptions and joint contracts  21.596.800
 Participation in Job fairs  50.542.500
 Websites  17.000.000
 Total  868.880.637

We thank you for your donation.


To contact the Fundraising Department:

Tel: 961 4 403352  Ext 135


Labora is contributing in rebuilding Beirut which was destroyed due to the blast by supporting small businesses to maintain employees and ensure they are not enlisted as unemployed, also helps individuals affected by the blast. How to donate:
2- Western union 03464120
3- or contact us at 03/464120
4- Online transfer



Monthly/Annual Pledge

Level of contribution:
Methods of Contribution:

Account Number : 3102962603002 (USD)
IBAN Code : LB38003900000003102962603002 ($)
Beneficiary : LABORA
Bank Name : Byblos Bank SAL
Bank Address : Antonine Fathers Bldg, Rahbani Bros str, Antelias, Lebanon, Telephone No 961 4 417831

I would like to be reminded before the due date by:
Note: all information in the Pledge form are held securely and access is restricted to authorized persons only.

Who we Are

Our vision is to secure a decent work, a sustainable and stable income to ensure the healthy diversification of the Lebanese Community and work to encourage Lebanese individuals to have an effective contribution in the nation building through public sector institutions.