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14 May 2019
Labora Visits the Head of the Supreme Council of the Evangelical Community

A delegation of “Labora” Board of Trustees (the representatives of the 13 churches in the association) visited the Head of the Supreme Council of the Evangelical community in Syria and Lebanon, the Priest Joseph Kassab to congratulate him for the new position, and the delegation included the Head of Labora Father Toni Khadra, Vicar Edgard Traboulsi representing the Evangelical community, Father David Melki representing the Syriac Catholics, Antoine Saad representing the Latines, Fouad Karkour representing the Armenian Catholics, in Hilton hotel Sin El Fil.

The delegation exposed Labora’s services to the Christian society, particularly in the field of training and employment, and he praised the cooperation of the Evangelical Church with the association in different fields, thanking it for its presence and expressing his wish to enhance the means of cooperation between both parties.

In turn, Priest Kassab expressed his appreciation of Labora’s role and its achievements in stopping unemployment and fighting immigration. He also expressed his wish to visit Labora’s office very soon and in cooperating with it continuously.

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